One Plus One Equals Three

On my way to work I listened to one of the lessons in Dave Ramsey’s new Financial Peace University class.  I won’t give it away because I want YOU to sign up for the class  (you know who you are).  I will share one concept he discusses in this lesson and how I think it applies to leadership, career and family life.

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 Dave shares a concept presented originally by Zig Ziglar. He explains how a Giant Belgian horse can pull 8000 lbs on its own but when paired up with another one without prior interaction or training, they can pull 24000 lbs. If they are trained to work together, they can pull 32000 lbs; three times the amount of a single horse.

 Here are a couple of examples of how I have seen this principle applied in leadership and also family life:

  1.  We had a big presentation with our client at work. Everyone prepared a  small piece of the puzzle for a day-long event. I was excited and nervous because I am the project lead and it is a big responsibility. After a couple of hours, we just coached the client on what to do, stepped back and let them do their thing. I had goosebumps. We recognized each other’s expertise and equipped each other.  We accomplished more than what I had thought. The meeting was a success.
  2.  My husband is very smart in many ways, but he is very good with math and finances. I am good with bargain shopping and ever since I had my first job a age 15 I learned to work hard, save up and not borrow money. Together, however, we have accomplished way more than we did when we were single, even though neither one of us had debt. We started off on the right foot when we paid cash for our wedding and honeymoon. We  now have bought our dream home after only 8 years of marriage. We will have it paid off  by the time we retire. We’re saving for our kids college and retirement. We experience constantly how one plus one equals three.

Let your team know that you value their skills and help them win by harnessing their power.  Let your family win by combining the gifts each of you has to help you build a successful life. 

How have you experienced that one plus one equals three?

How to Act Like a Rockstar

This past week I met a real life Rockstar. It was at our Toastmaster’s weekly meeting and he had to present his first speech, the icebreaker. The objective of the speech is to allow the speaker to complete their first project by talking about a subject with which they’re very familiar: themselves.

The speech not only introduced us to who he is; it inspired us and kept us engaged for almost six minutes. I could picture him as a little boy, bending the rules a little to get out of practicing piano lessons, and then as a teenager, practicing his own kind of music on his first electric organ. He then shared how he started in a band and got on the fast track of popularity and got in with the wrong crowd. After a drastic turn of events he got a second chance at life at 25.

Music is his passion now as it was when he was six. He is now a successful businessman in the music industry, with a healthier perspective on life. Unlike many in his line of work, he can proudly say he has been married for 23 years to the same woman, living in a suburban neighborhood and is raising two teenage kids.

His speech taught me that pursuing your passion and dreams can come with a high price tag, but if you are true to yourself, you can live your passion with integrity and dignity and truly become a Rockstar.

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